OCICTIME, Craftsman Behind Your Brand

Whether you're a watch brand owner, a distributor or a supply chain management company, OCICTIME is your craftsman behind the scene.
As a high-end watches manufacturer cultured in the values of traditional watchmaking with 23 years of experience, we own a whole set of facilities for watch grinding, polishing, assembly, and testing. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to closely monitor every stage of the production process, to ensure excellence in watch design and manufacture. These allow us to satisfy any watchmaking OEM & ODM, large or small.
Boasting a specialized R&D team and designers, we're able to offer you flexible one-stop service, from design to delivery. We will surpass your expectations in every stage from watch design, development to shipment, and truly be the craftsman behind the brand we are working for.

OCICTIME Serve High-end International Brands

Our service philosophy is to grow your watch business by leaps and bounds. Enhance your brand value with our crafted timepieces.

With 23 years of experience, we have driven a series of high-value projects across the watchmaking industry to become our professional automatic and mechanical timepieces.

At OCICTIME, these precision timekeeping devices benefit from the attention of qualified hands faithful to traditional craftsmanship and watchmaking principles, while taking advantage of the latest information technology.

Customers' evaluation of us is reliable, and it is a trusted high-end timepiece manufacturer around them. We can only continuously improve the level of craftsmanship and service to give back to customers' trust.

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