Demand Analysis

The OEM & ODM starts with the analysis of your needs. If you are thinking of designing a watch, or want to create your own watch brand, our innovative design team will have an in-depth conversation with you to discuss your idea, your requirements, and your budget.

Even if you just have a rough idea in your head, each member of our team has unparalleled experience in OEM/ODM watch design and will guide you through the process by our list of items. They will be able to provide you with popular design trends to get inspiration for the creation of your customized watch.

Requirement analysis is in place, not only can adjust the budget in time but the follow-up project will be more smooth, reducing unnecessary repeated work. You just need to tell us your needs, our customers with the reference value in your heart, and we will submit you a design plan for your reference within 3 days.


Design & Development

At OCICTIME, we strongly believe that a great design is the essence of a great watch. That is why our designer-in-chief personally handpicked and trained each one of our designers on best practices and taught them extensively about watch design.

From turning your concept or idea into a sketch to designing the custom fonts of your watch indexes and marking, we have the skills to give your brand the timepiece design it deserves.

At the origin of any exceptional watch, you have faint “ ingredients ”, almost imperceptible, like colors, shapes, lines, curves, and an unmistakable ticking sound. OCICTIME will turn these subtle elements into clear and detailed specifications.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a junior purchasing executive, OCICTIME can deliver a watch concept that will convince investors and decision-makers. The road of helping customers is realized in the shortest time.

3D Modeling For Timepieces

Whether it is needed for fine-tuning the engineering and design of a timepiece or for marketing use, 3D watch modeling is now crucial in watch manufacturing. 3D design modeling is critical as it ensures that the design can realistically be manufactured. The usability, readability of time, and overall “feel” of the watch can “virtually” be confirmed within 7 days.

A watch concept always starts with a 2D design. This is the first and essential step where most design details are defined. Then our design team will work closely with our engineering team to turn the 2D into the 3D. To create photographic images from your 3D model, a studio will need one to two weeks. From a key presentation for your investors to a pre-launch campaign, sweep your audience off their feet with photorealistic 3D watch rendering.

Fast Prototyping of Watches

Even though 3D modeling and 3D rendering are mature and essential tools, the feel of an object in your hands or in the watch case on your wrist is still relevant. The prototyping step is something we highly recommend for newcomers in the watch business as it resolutely substantiates a watch concept. The usability, readability, and overall “feel” of the watch can then undeniably be confirmed.

In a watch, the case is the most time-consuming element to make. It usually takes 90 days while other components like dials and hands need 30 to 45 days. So, to make a prototype the case can be shaped with 2 techniques of prototyping: Wax and CNC.

Wax, is a 3D printing of the watch. It gives you a good fill of the volumes on the wrist of the watch. It’s time and cost-effective. CNC is made by a machine that will shape a piece of metal into a watch case. Then the watch will be manufactured as usual. It’s the closest to the real thing. A wax prototyping can be done in a week and a CNC prototyping can be done in a month's time.

Components Procurement & Mass Watch Manufacturing

The secret of creating a great masterpiece lies in the details. With the help of our dedicated supply chain, we will source every component to ensure that all components from our subcontractors meet the environmental standards & regulations of your country & region.
Each and every element will be tailor-made so as to get aligned with your unique design. We partner with high-end suppliers for superior quality to ensure that your watches are of an outstanding class and top-notch precision.

Batch production is a common practice in the watch industry. After a design & engineering phase of 1 to 2 months, over a components procurement phase of 3 months, we take care of the technical drawings, product refinement, and the components production of the watches among our closed network of suppliers. Then we go into the assembly phase which lasts 1 to 2 weeks. Quality check is performed all along the value chain until the final QC.

Quality Control Management

Our in-house manufacturing facility ensures that we are able to manufacture your customized product in an efficient and timely manner. Strict adherence to quality control is maintained at all levels of the manufacturing process to facilitate the production of a fully customized OEM watch as per your specifications.

As one of the mature OEM watch suppliers in China, we will ensure that your needs are met and the top-quality product is delivered without any delays on the basis of the size and time of your order. To supply quality watches in low or varying volumes, OCICTIME is using Quick Response Manufacturing to complement or as an alternative to Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing strategies. In short, this manufacturing strategy allows us to shorten lead times to achieve top quality while reducing cost and eliminating non-value-added waste within our production system.

Complete Watch Assembly & Inspection

At the heart of the assembly, the facility is our Class 100,000 dust-free assembly workshop. Featuring medical-grade cleanliness, this is where to watch assembly takes place under the supervision of our highly skilled team. With this ultra-clean environment with the latest air purification technology, we can accurately manage the air in the assembly environment. This ensures a completely clean and contamination-free watch mechanism. This is important because a high-precision watch movement has such fine tolerances that even a small amount of dust can affect the performance of the watch.

The first impression is important to attract customers. That’s why, at OCICTIME, we try our best to make your watches look great. Each watch is carefully checked by our experienced QC staff to ensure:
1)The surface is scratch & damage-free.
2)The watch face is consistent with the design.
3)The watch is well-plated without peeling.
4)The logo is engraved correctly and in the right places.

Rigorous Watch Lab Testing and Inspection

From working with our global clients, we know how strategic it is to have compliance for every market. We are aware of the main regulation needed and make sure at every step from design to components procurement that the watches we assemble are compliant from the parts to the packaging.

All incoming materials and components are carefully tested in our factory. With a strict total quality management system in place and a whole set of testing machines. Before the dispatch of an OEM watch, it is checked for accuracy, reliability, and water resistance according to strict company guidelines. Every part, half-finished watch, and the complete watch will be subjected to strict quality inspections of appearance by our IQC/QC/FQC. Each batch of your custom brand watches will undergo function quality tests such as UV test/twisting force test/abrasion test/push-button test/swing test/ burn test etc.

Partner with OCICTIME to get high-level quality standards. To ensure that terminal consumers buy products with quality and guarantee, and to protect our client’s brand and business all our watches delivered to Europe are RoHS & REACH Compliant.

Packaging Customization

With e-commerce taking the throne, especially in 2020, here are 8 ways custom packaging can benefit your product and brand today:
1) Protect Your Products.
2) Keep Your Customers Safe.
3) Grabbing Consumer's Attention.
4) Creating A Memorable Experience.
5) Melding Functionality and Practicality.
6) A More Sustainable Product.
7) Reduce Your Shipping And Yet Loss Costs.

Packaging is the coat of the product and the second face. If it is amazing enough, it will definitely cause favor for terminal consumers. For customers, it is undoubtedly the most cost-effective advertising marketing strategy.

Our watch OEM team of experts is available to discuss packaging options depending on your brand identity, watch style, and target market. They will assist you in the selection of the proper package design and will customize your OEM watch to align with your needs.

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