Your Reliable Partner For Watchmaking

Established in 1999, OCICTIME is a well-established watch manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience.
With a 5000 ㎡ factory located in Dongguan, the production base of watches in China, we enjoy easy access to all the quality components for watchmaking. Over 50 machines for watch processing, grinding, polishing, assembly & testing allow us to accommodate any OEM & ODM order, large or small.

With a combination of experience & expertise, our specialized R&D and design team is able to offer you a one-stop service including everything from design to delivery.

Focus On High-end Stainless Steel Watch With Both Quartz & Mechanical Movements

Our main focus is on high-end stainless steel watches with both quartz & mechanical movements including Swiss ETA, ISA, Ronda, Miyota, and Seiko movements.

We buy movements in large quantities all year round, which has certain advantages in procurement costs, which greatly reduces the development and procurement costs of customers.

Our high-quality watch enjoys a high reputation in the world including in Europe and the USA. We ensure rigorous quality checking in each part of the production till the final completion of exclusive timepieces.

Passionate Business
Built By Watch Lovers

Our Chief Engineer Manager, Mr. Lee,  was once a watch engineer in a famous watch company in Shenzhen.

Engaging in the watch business since 1999, he knows the watch each construct very well, from a component to how these components are combined seamlessly for a well-designed & functional watch.

With his firm conviction that a quality watch shouldn't cost big money, he joined our company to develop a watch business aiming to offer our partners affordable watches made with unsurpassed craftsmanship.

We believe that sales are not simply to sell things to customers, but to help customers how to spend the least amount of money to buy products that satisfy them or their brand.


 Design Philosophy

At OCICTIME, we believe that a well-designed watch should be beautiful, functional, and guaranteed to stand the test of time. So both the exterior & interior structure of the timepiece matter. Our only purpose is to bring out perfectly-made watches for your customers.

The watch is very personal stuff. That's why we're designing for diversity. A good product takes time to polish. The designer's design inspiration comes from the current popular elements and the latest brand design concepts and integrates the customer's brand DNA to design a unique product tone. We'll take into consideration different preferences in various markets and even the influence of different weather while making design decisions. Of course, the final decision rests with the customer.

A Passion For Mastery

A good design is one thing, putting it into reality is another thing. It's like saying and doing are two different things. A product that can be recognized at a glance by the brand's DNA is a success.

At OCICTIME, everyone has a passion for watchmaking excellence. Most of our watchmakers boast more than a decade of experience & have an obsession with even the smallest details. Greatly reduces the occurrence of defective products.

Due to the existence of these senior technicians who are skilled in watch craftsmanship, let us take a lot of detours in the process of dealing with some difficult projects and complete the project delivery efficiently. Combining premium materials with excellent workmanship, we ensure every watch is made with HEART.


Always A Step
Ahead Of The Times

Endless innovation is the key to keeping ourselves at the forefront of the fashion business.

OCICTIME is focused on customer success and attention to detail, with a strong brand and design flair.

Inspired by trends in different fields, our experienced designers and R&D staff work closely to bring out new designs & make improvements to the interior structure of the watches every month.

Our flexibility in component sourcing & production also means you can react more quickly to the market needs by partnering with us. The first step to seizing market share is to gain an additional market dividend.


  • 1999-1-13OCICTIME Established In Guangdong

    We choose to establish our own company in Guangdong Province. The superior geographical location and unique supply chain support have laid a solid foundation for us to carry out business.
  • 2006-7-27Dusty-Free Assembly Department Ready To Produce

    In order to meet the needs of customers' inspection factories, we build a new dust workshop to allow the process to standardize and visualize it, so that the visiting customers are clear at a glance.
  • 2009-9-13Annual Shipment Is About To 1.5 Million Pieces

    After 10 years of customer precipitation, our annual shipments have become stable, which has stronger competitiveness than peers, and laid the foundation for future expansion.
  • 2013-6-27Became To GT’s Supplier

    We are honored to become the world's largest professional league authorized company's project procurement members. Through 2 years of hard work, the order between us and customers is stable at about 20 million yuan per year.
  • 2018-4-15Reach Cooperation With Supply Chain Management Companies Through Foreign Exhibitions

    Through foreign exhibitions, we have reached more big customers of cross -industry, and let us expand sales ideas and strategies. The new customer type allows us to understand the operating model of the supply chain management company and the needs of their terminal customers, who have higher cooperation in the future lay down a solid foundation.
  • 2022-6-28Under The COVID-19, We Broke The Cocoon Into A Butterfly

    Affected by the epidemic, the number of orders for many customers has dropped sharply. We have opened up new channels to deal with different types of customer. Although we can't visit customers during this difficult time, it doesn't affect our rapid transaction on the Internet and the establishment of trust. Let customers praise our services and introduce more customers to us, which is the greatest affirmation of us.